The condition of a fur garment can deteriorate when being stored at home due to changing temperatures, humidity, artificial light, pests, and pollutants.

Storing fur garments in a professional cold storage facility costs an endless amount of money for the length of time it is stored.

In general, the resale price of a fur garment depreciates by 50% after only being 1 year old. After 10 years the resale price depreciates another 20%. Every year after the value of a fur depreciates more and more. The current resale value is not the same as the retail value, original purchase price, appraised value, or value for insurance purposes.

Get Cash for your fur while you Can!

At FurWise we make selling your fur easy. Simply fill out our easy sell your fur form, attach up to 3 photos of your fur, and submit.

We do not guarantee to buy all furs, but we evaluate all submissions, and respond promptly.

When we respond we will provide you with an estimate to purchase if we are interested in buying your fur. If you accept our estimate we send payment to you via PayPal and then provide you with a prepaid shipping label for you to send your fur to us for physical evaluation. If you choose not to be paid via PayPal you will need to ship us your fur first for evaluation. If the fur garment matches the information, condition, and photos provided via the online sell your fur form we will mail you a check after for the amount previously agreed on. If the information, condition, or photos differ from the information provided via the sell your fur form we may offer you a lesser amount to purchase your fur or request to send your fur garment back to you at your cost. We happily pay to have your fur shipped to us for physical evaluation but if we are not able to purchase your fur we do not pay to ship it back.

If you are not prepared to accept our offer but have time to wait you may opt to let us to sell your fur on consignment. When it sells we will pay you the pre agreed price via PayPal or Check.

Payments made via PayPal are instant. Check payments are sent out within 3 business days.

Please note we do not condone buying, selling, or trading species that are classified as being threatened or endangered under CITES. For more information on endangered species please visit


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